How will my company benefit from conducting a waste audit?

The principle is simple - When you know the source and quantity of your wate, you will manage it more cost-effectively and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

We already have recycling and reuse programs in place. What can you do to improve these programs?

Most companies are recycling primary recyclable materials (cardboard, office paper, glass, aluminum cans) but very few know what percentage of this material they are capturing and how much is still making its way to landfill. There may also be markets for other materials in your waste stream if they are generated in large enough quantities.

How much can we really expect to save from your waste assessment program?

First time customers will typically save twice the cost of our assessment service in the first year through service alterations and tipping fees. This saving will continue in subsequent years while the amount of additional savings depends on the complexity and diversity of your facility's waste stream.

How much will the assessment program cost?

Immacutec waste assessments examine all factors impacting waste generation. As studies increase in scope, greater potential exists to realize significant cost savings.

A breakdown of our cost-structure is provided with our proposal. A project manager would arrange a meeting with you at no cost or oblogation to determine the scope of work to be performed to meet your desired objectives. A proposal would be forwarded to you two days following that initial meeting.

Do you provide waste audit training?

Yes. We provide training to facilities interested in conducting waste audits internally. Please contact our office for further information.

What do you offer that is not offered by your competition?

We provide:

  • A more informative and extensive report customized to your needs.
  • Straight answers and results.
  • An upfront and highly competitive cost.

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