Advanced Studies

Immacutec has been helping organizations streamline and optimize their waste management programs since 1998. Our advanced studies reports are tailored to each client and provide managers with the tools necessary to make high impact changes across their organization and reduce their waste.

Immacutec's high quality data reports provide the starting point for any successful waste management programs and are the key to meeting waste reduction goals.

Immacutec's Advanced Studies Report are client specific and may include any combination of the following:

  1. Full paperwork compliance with environmental regulations.
  2. Process audits that identify problem areas in current programs.
  3. Examination of management practices and recommendations for improvement.
  4. Investigation of purchasing policies and their impact on waste generation.
  5. Recommendations geared for implementation based on specific short and long term goals.
  6. Employee training and engagement.
  7. Organization-wide data comparison and statistics.

For an overview of waste audits and our methodology, please click here.

Immacutec's Advanced Studies Reports start at $2399. Call us today for a complete, no obligation quote.

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